The Rock presents


Wednesday, Doors open at 5:00pm

Jon Toogood detaches himself from the Shihad electric wall of sound for the first days of 2018, to come to a beach pub near you, drowning in SPF200.

Unplugged and unrobed.

Delivering music in tribute to those who influenced him on his unique musical journey, some tracks from his solo side project  "The Adults", plus a very different styled delivery of a selection of Shihad material.

A showcase that promises to singe the unspoken law of "what goes on tour, stays on tour" -  in between playing a couple of sets, Jon likes to share some of his larger than life musical life.

Jon Toogood, unplugged, playing solo. A couple of hours of songs and a lot to say.


Bus for Jon Toogood Show

A bus will be leaving from Crowded House at 4.30pm and returning after the concert. 

Cost - $5 each way.

We encourage you to use this service.


Ticket Information

  • General Admission (R18)
    Ticket sales ended

Venue Information

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Butlers Reef New Plymouth


1133 Main South Road, Oakura

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