What happens if my ticket isn’t emailed to me, but my card is charged? 

  • Tickets are emailed to you along with your order confirmation. 
  • Dependent upon your email setup your ticket may have been placed in your Junk Folder.
  • Tickets are also held under your online account, so go to www.aaaticketing.co.nz
  • Click ‘Login’ in the top right corner and sign in using the email address you bought the tickets with and password, then click 'account' in the top right
  • You'll find the tickets there and will be able to download them as a PDF to print from anywhere or they can be scanned off your smart phone.

 If they are still not showing in ‘my account’ then you will need to email support@aaaticketing.co.nz


I was nearly at the end and then the screen went blank, help!

  • Refresh, or close and re-open your browser and log back in
  •  Check ‘My Account’ at the top left and your tickets should be in there, you should also still receive a confirmation email if the transaction has gone through. 

If you have already entered your payment details, the best thing to do would be to email support@aaaticketing.co.nz so we can check if your transaction has gone through.


I can’t login to the site

  • Refresh your browser or close your browser and open it again.  
  • Make sure there is no space before your email address or password.
  •  Make sure you are using the email address you used to purchase tickets (if you spelt your email address wrong then you will need to enter the incorrectly spelt email address) and correct it in your account details.

Should you still be having problems, email support@aaaticketing.co.nz  for assistance.


I brought 10 tickets, I only meant to buy 2.

  • You must check in your cart before submitting how many tickets are in there, there is also a warning box to advise this before you submit for payment, so it is not easy to purchase more tickets that you intend too.

Please advise support@aaaticketing.co.nz as soon as you know this has happened. 

Refunds are at the discretion of AAA Ticketing and/or the Promoter of the event. 


My parents/friend brought me my ticket, so it isn’t under my name?

  • Ticket names are under the ticket purchaser. 
  • You can give these to family & friends to use with the barcode and/or QR code readable you will be granted access to the event. 
  • Should there be any issues with unreadable barcode, duplicated ticket etc. then you may be requested to show ID to have the issue resolved. 


How do I find an agency or box office?

  • There is no agency or box office, only online. 


Can my ticket be scanned off my smartphone?

  • Yes, they can, depending on your phone and the condition of the screen they may not be able to be scanned, so a printed ticket is always better, but not necessary.


What do I need to bring with me to the event?

  • Your ID, your printed ticket (or ticket downloaded to phone ready to scan).


What if my tickets are lost or stolen

  • If your tickets are lost or stolen, then you must contact support@aaaticketing.co.nz  from the email address on your account.
  • We will cancel your tickets, which will no longer be valid.
  • We will re-issue you with new ones. 


What if I buy my ticket off someone else?

  • AAA TICKETING does not support on-selling of tickets.
  • It is advisable not purchase tickets from a third- party as the ticket maybe duplicated.
  • For privacy reasons, AAA TICKETING cannot confirm the validity of any ticket to any individual except the original AAA TICKETING purchaser.


Can I swap my tickets for another night?

  • Not always.
  • You will need a valid reason and within reasonable time of purchasing your ticket, this is at the discretionary of the promoter. 

Please contact support@aaaticketing.co.nz for more details.


What happens if the event is cancelled?

  • AAA Ticketing will attempt to contact you as soon as this information is available advising the details and the process to refund your ticket. 
  • Any refunds issued will go back onto the card used to purchase the tickets.