Whangamata Ocean Sports Club presents


The Mixed Bag Craft Festival will showcase the Coromandel not only as a Tourist Mega spot, but to promote the talents of Brewers, Distillers and Winemakers from around the Country, including our local Brewers and Distillers. These include, Coromandel Brewing, Hot Water Brewing, Blue Fridge Brewery, Kaimai Brewing & Distilling, Bootleg, Mount Brewing, Deep Creek, Holland Road Distillery, Alchemist Mixology (Cocktails), Brunswick Aces, 1919 Distillery, Te Puna Cider, Doubtful Distillery, HOP Brewery (Geraldine) Bureaucracy, Koparepare Wines, Giesen, Panhead, just to name a few.

This will give local businesses the opportunity to promote their business, whether it is Real Estate, Accommodation, Cafes, Restaurants, Golf Courses and Retail etc. or that they just enjoy the beauty of the Coromandel in conjunction with the WOSC Fishing Tournaments during the 1st week of February.

We see this as an iconic Festival for the region, as we all know that Whangamata also has the Beach Hop, Whitianga has the Ocean Festival, Whangamata will now have The Mixed Bag Craft Festival to become an extremely popular event for the future.

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